What is a certified Shih Tzu puppy breeder?

Breeders in Minnesota must be licensed and inspected by the Board of Animal Health. In addition to being a Minnesota non-profit, Sweetwater Shih Tzu is also proud to be certified by the Minnesota Board of Animal Health.  License #  MN862526  If you are looking for puppies for sale, you will want to ensure that the breeder is licensed and certified.  In addition, all of our moms and dads are certified for excellent health.  All of the health certifications for heart, kidneys, OFA eye certification, dental for correct bite, knees (to rule out luxating patellas), thyroid and liver are registered with the American Canine Association.  We strive to make sure all of our puppies have the best chance for a long, happy, healthy life.


​Sweetwater Shih Tzu

Purebred Shih Tzu Puppies Available near Wisconsin

One of our Purebred Shih Tzu puppies near Wisconsin

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Can I adopt if I live out of state?

Absolutely.  While located just west of Minneapolis, Minnesota, our Shih Tzu puppies have found forever families in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, and across America.  ​While most of our pure bred puppies go to families in Minnesota, families looking for a five star breeder may find it challenging to locate a Shih Tzu puppy breeder with certified healthy Shih Tzu puppies in their area.  Eau Claire, Madison, and La Crosse, Wisconsin are all within driving distance.  We also work with a wonderful pet nanny who can safely hand deliver your puppy directly to you.  We do not crate ship our puppies, and do require a phone interview for all out of state families. 

What do you do with your moms and dads?

When our dads and moms reach 5-6 years of age, they are retired from parenthood.  We have them spayed/neutered, get their teeth cleaned, and place them with a loving forever family, just like we do with our Shih Tzu puppies.  Mopsie (pictured left) joined her forever family last year.  They write, "Mopsie has now been with us for seven months!  She is just the best.  She understands many commands and is learning more.  She loves attention from our grandchildren.  She prances like a show dog and loves her flowing coat.  At night, after her last trip outside, she scrambles to her kennel (in our bedroom) and sleeps through the night.   During the day she senses when we are leaving the house and heads to her kennel.  Unbelievable!  Her morning routine is a bit of play jumping in our bed mostly to wake me up.  Potty habits are amazing...a few minutes to do it all.  During the brutal cold she was so quick!  She blesses our lives all day & everyday.  It has always been apparent that she was loved and well cared for at Sweetwater!"